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Medicare Overview

Medicare is one of the least understood Medical plans in the market, and for good reason due to its complexity. Though complicated, when set up correctly, the benefits are simply incredible, comprehensive, and amazingly affordable. Where else can you get a zero deductible medical supplement plan with no copays, no coinsurance, virtually no out of pocket costs at all for right around $170/month? And, many people also qualify for subsidies to help them with their costs! Keep in mind that every person needs a plan tailored to their own specific health needs. A plan that works great for your friend may not at all be the right plan for you. Luckily, at the HealthPlanFinder, we are here to help.

We offer advice via phone and more importantly In-Person. Usually we find that a sit down meeting with Medicare Eligible beneficiaries is the best way to help you really understand how to receive the most value out of Medicare. So call us, and let one of us help you find the right Medicare coverage you need and deserve.

Medicare Explained