There is no Health Care Crisis

How can I possibly say there is no Health Care Crisis? President Obama says it, the Media says it, so it must be true, right? What we have is a Health Care EXPENSE crisis, not a QUALITY crisis.

The quality of American Medical Care is among the best in the world, even though our health isn’t. Who is to blame? We are. As a nation we are overweight, out of shape, and just plain don’t take care of ourselves. Imagine if we treated car insurance coverage like health insurance. We’d all “drive it like we stole it”. If the car broke, we’d take it to a mechanic, give them our insurance card, and demand it get fixed “fast”. When it got out of the shop (for only a small copay of course!) do you think we’d dive it any differently? In this model, how high do you think our car insurance premiums would be? But this is exactly how we currently view Health Insurance!

If there were cost incentives (like good driver discounts) we would take better care of ourselves, use less medical care, health insurance and related medical costs would be much lower, thus providing more people greater access to high quality health insurance and medical care. Then and only then could we even come close to being able to afford health insurance coverage for every American. For a fun video of this topic go to http://www.healthinsuranceteam.com/videos.html

So, let’s tell those in Congress who are currently drafting massive overhaul to make sure they define what problem they are trying to solve. Solve the cost problem FIRST, and the rest will be easy.

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