How to Change Your Healthplan After Signing Up Through the Washington Healthplan Finder

During the 2014-2015 Open Enrollment, various problems occurred to accounts and invoices of consumers because of plan changes being initiation prior to and after coverage had started. It is recommended that all consumers shop through the options prior to selecting and paying for a health plan. After a consumer selects a plan or is auto-renewed,…

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Having Issues with Washington Health Insurance Exchange?

In response to the Affordable Healthcare Act, programs like the Washington Healthplanfinder have been launched to help citizens of Washington find a healthcare plan that is perfect for their individual needs. Unfortunately, over the past few months it’s been estimated that between 4% and 8% of applicants have experienced difficulty enrolling or making payment. That’s…

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Healthplanfinder Statement Regarding March 31 Deadline

Today, Richard Onizuka, CEO for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, issued the following statement: “Yesterday, the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services issued a statement regarding a March 31 deadline extension for residents facing technical issues with Healthcare.gov. Similar to the federal government, we are not extending the March 31 deadline for Washington State…

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Sign up by February 15th (or so) to avoid Penalties

Courtesy of the Associated Press: WASHINGTON (AP) — You’ll have to get coverage by Valentine’s Day or thereabouts to avoid penalties for being uninsured, the Obama administration confirmed Wednesday. That’s about six weeks earlier than a Mar. 31 deadline often cited previously. The explanation: health insurance coverage typically starts on the first day of a…

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Will you qualify for a premium subsidy? Will you want to?

The Affordable Care Act health care reform kicks into high gear in just a few weeks and so will access to subsidies. If you buy your own medical insurance, and your income falls within certain guidelines you may benefit from government subsidies to lower the cost of your monthly premium. You may receive a SUBSIDY…

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2014 – Is my Individual plan really going away January 1st?

The easy answer is YES.  All current Non-Grandfathered individual plans will cease on January 1st 2014, to be replaced by new plans that meet HealthCare Reform guidelines.  It is NOT true that “If you like the plan you have you can keep it”.    These new plans will be offered both INSIDE and OUTSIDE the new…

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Open Enrollment for Children Ends April 30th!

This is a FINAL REMINDER that Spring 2013 ‘Open Enrollment’ for Washington State Children is closing: This will be your last chance to enroll your children under age 19 in an Individual plan until next Fall. If you have been contemplating covering your uninsured child or changing their plan, your window of opportunity to do…

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