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Should I Purchase a Plan on or Off the Exchange?

One of the great benefits of going off the exchange is that you don’t have to deal with the website itself. The Washington Health Plan Finder is not easy to use nor is it user friendly.

Some plans are offered off exchange that aren’t on exchange. Sometimes the offerings off-exchange are better than the on-exchange offerings. Brokers have access to all the additional off exchange offerings.

If you do decide to go off exchange you will not be eligible for tax credit. The Washington Health Plan Finder is linked to the IRS to see if you qualify for tax credit. Off-exchange options do not have this link.

Another benefit of staying on the exchange is that it will provide useful updates on eligibility, tax credits, and tax documents that off-exchange plans don’t provide as readily.

The last benefit of the exchange is the wide variety of plan options. There are fewer carriers and far fewer plans off the exchange.

So, if you aren’t eligible for tax credits you may want to ask your broker about plans off the exchange. There are fewer options but your broker may find a plan that suits your needs better than any on exchange plans.



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